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We combine strategy, processes, people and data
in a unique way using modern technology

Fast and flexible

”Fenux solutions allow You to reach and manage Your customers and projects whenever You want – and with the device You want.”

Simple outside, complex inside

“For us, UX is more than a simple and seductive interface. It means
a seamless alliance between people, processes and technology.”

People and Processes first – then technology and tools

”The results of every organization are always made in core processes.”

Integration need in the core process (Nowadays)
Regardless of the industry, the core processes of each organization include three steps: 1) Get the order 2) Fill the order and 3) Get payment.
Success in the different main stages of this process and in the different steps of the process cumulatively affects the customer experience.
But what has happened due to digitalization in most companies?
  • We have digitized our core process by filling an unified path with different applications
  • As a result we have created a growing need to integrate applications into each other in our core processes
  • The number of systems we maintain has grown
  • At the same time our costs have risen
  • We cannot quickly change our policies to improve the customer experience because it requires changes to so many applications
And did we achieve the desired return on our investment? Not, if for example...
  • The stress level of our employees has increased due to new, different and many digital tools
  • Software utilization is low and people are fleeing manual daily lives
  • We cannot rely on the data provided by the systems
  • Information does not flow smoothly between the different stages of the process
  • Incompatible software forces us to underperform in managing the customer experience
And why did this happen?
Because we have taken a bias in our digital development. It has been
technology driven rather than business and process driven.

Cause you want the unified picture – not a mess

“And a more accurate view of what affects Your business performance.”

All in one core process solution
Powered by Fenux

Fenux eLCE (Lead Customer Experience)

improves the customer experience
boosts employee satisfaction and well-being at work
increases the business performance
reduces software maintenance costs

Tech touch

”We support all modern browsers and operating systems.”

The voice of customer!

CEO Pasi Aalto, RE/MAX Finland
People spend more than a third of their working lives at work.

It is fair to provide them digital tools that are intuitive to use, elegant, process– and custormer-oriented and of course: always available. And this is MAX! All in one solution for RE/MAX agents only.

”Customer service, especially raising customer experience at the next level without compromising effiency, drives our success now and in the future. We are confident that our agents' job satisfaction is driven by smooth and swift workflows, and that is directly reflected to our customer experience. Digitalization is the key in striving for these objectives: we need to offer top-notch tools to our agents. Fenux's user-friendly tools and streamlined solutions meet our needs perfectly.”

Heiti Karafin, Regional director RE/MAX Estonia
Aivar Vilbo, Regional director RE/MAX Estonia
Our goal is to grow!

We want to be Estonia's number one real estate company. We want to conquer the top in terms of customer experience, well-being of our team members as well as financial performance.

”To achieve our goals, we realized that we need to approach Management & Leadership - strategy, core processes, people, customer experience and need and use of data - in a new way, and with the new digital tools. For a few years, we searched for and compared a new digital solution in global markets, especially in Europe, Canada, the United States and Asia. By far the best solution was offered by Fenux Ltd. The scope, content, tools and software interfaces of their solution positively surprised us and our system experts. In our experience, Fenux is more than a technology supplier. Their ability to realize, locate and model our processes and working methods and take this design plan into a digital tool has been amazingly fast-paced.”

MAX in brief – eLCE-solution for RE/MAX powered by Fenux
"Provide Your employees with the customized digital tools to sell and create value for customer in all process phases of customer journey."
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Fenux team member.
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CEO, Head of Sales and Customized Software Solutions
+358 40 866 83 48
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CTO, Head of Technology
+358 50 327 25 07
Jori Kuttila
Head of Consultant and Training Services, Product manager, Open Applications
+358 400 229 436

"We combine strategy, processes, people and data in a unique way using modern technology."
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About us

Fenus is Latin and means profit, benefit, value. And this is what we produce for our customers with our solutions. UX stands for the user experience - and that's what we invest in our solutions. But for us, UX is more.

It means a seamless alliance between people, processes and technology. We want to support the core processes of our customers because the outcome of every organization is made in its core processes. We want our users to love the software we produce. They need to be easy to use and even seductive. The name Fenux sums up our identity: We are a service provider that conveys the value and the profit in a user-friendly way. Why should you choose us?

Because content and functions are critical
Software coding is demanding but so is the specification of systems that support Your business performance. It is no exaggeration to say that, at the latest, there are tougher demands on the seamless connection between technology, people and processes.

What it requires from the solution planner is e.g. understanding and applicability of leadership, factors influencing people’s behavior, analytics, modeling, pedagogy, sales, marketing and cause-and-effect chains of different functions. For this reason, Fenux. Your project is always staffed by a business expert, a professional whose main goal is to support the performance of Your business.

Because the interface is important
The interface our users encounter should be easy, simple and seductive. And all this is represented by Fenux's user interface concept.

Our customers have given special praise for our simple user interfaces. Based on user feedback they are logical, quick to adopt and beautiful. Relevant content and a seductive interface are our trademarks. That's why Fenux, because our solutions really live in Your daily life and directly affect the performance of Your business.

Because coders - quality and quantity - make significance
Even the most brilliant plan will not bring the results without successful implementation. Implementing a customer solution as intended requires operational and interactive co-operation between the customer solution designers (business and interfaces) and the coding team.

We have built a strategic alliance with two software companies. We know each other and our goals and we work together to improve Your business performance. The strategic partnership ensures us the rapid addition of resources, diverse expertise (e.g. different programming languages, management of different environments, design experts) and experienced professionals (each member of our coding team has been coding for more than 10 years).

Our software development partners not only guarantee us the sufficient quality resources - they also act as our financiers. Our operations and resources are on a solid footing. Therefore, Fenux. We have the ability and resources to implement non-standard solutions.


  1. Fenux's trademark - eLCE® - is registered in the Great Britain

    THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF GREAT BRITAIN approved our trademark application on January 21, 2022. The trademark was accepted in all the categories we applied for, which are: Computer software; application software (9), Business management consultancy (35); Training (41); Scientific and technological design services; software as a service [SaaS], (42).

    March, 2022
  2. Fenux is expanding its eLCE® system solution

    Fenux Ltd has implemented the renewed RE/MAX Finland website []. In November 2021, we started the RE/MAX Estonia website renewal project based on the solution implemented for RE/MAX Finland. RE/MAX Estonia's renewed website will be published next year as part of RE/MAX Estonia's overall system reform, which will be delivered by Fenux Ltd. The implementations are related to Fenux Ltd's plan to expand its eLCE® system solution to include integrated websites. The goal of the extension is to enable customer companies to manage customer processes more and more seamlessly across the entire customer path, covering three steps according to the eLCE® model: [i] Get the order; [ii] Fill the order and [iii] Get payment.

    December, 2021
  3. Fenux implements a value sales academy for data security vendors

    Fenux Ltd, in cooperation with Infinigate Ltd, implements the WatchGuardians Value Sales Academy program. It is a unique coaching and consulting solution focusing on the value sales expertise and value modelling, consisting of three 2-day value sales camps. The value sales academy customized for Infinigate Ltd is offered to certified WatchGuard dealers in Finland. We will start implementing the program in 2022 with two value sales academy groups.

    December, 2021
  4. Fenux protects the eLCE® trademark in the UK

    Fenux Oy has filed a conversion application in the United Kingdom on September 21, 2021 for its already protected eLCE® trademark in the EU. Trademark have been applied for for the following goods/services: Computer software; application software, management consulting, training services and scientific and technological design services; web application services [SaaS]. Fenux chose Kolster as its expert partner in the application process.

    December, 2021
  5. Fenux's trademark - eLCE - is registered in the EU

    EUROPEAN UNION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE approved our trademark application on January 19, 2021. The trademark was accepted in all the categories we applied for, which are: Computer software; application software (9), Business management consultancy (35); Training (41); Scientific and technological design services; software as a service [SaaS], (42).

    May, 2021
  6. Fenux grows its team of experts

    Jori Kuttila will start at Fenux as the Head of Consulting and Coaching Services based on the eLCE philosophy. In addition, Jori will be responsible for the open application solutions. Fenux invests heavily in the productisation and development of coaching and consulting services based on the eLCE philosophy, as well as in the creating new open applications based on the philosophy. In 2021, Fenux will launch two new open application solutions for two different industries. We are very pleased that Jori Kuttila joined Fenux. His years of strong experience in both strategic and operational management as well as sales, marketing and productization are the valuable know-how that our customers and Fenux value.

    October, 2020
  7. Business Finland and Kolster supporting and securing Fenux's IPR rights

    Business Finland granted Fenux Oy innovation support to clarify and secure its IPR rights. Expert services were acquired from Kolster, which is a strong expert behind innovations. In September 2020, with the professional guidance of Kolster, we applied for EU registration for the trademark: eLCE. Trademarks have been applied for for the following goods/services: Computer software; application software, management consulting, training services and scientific and technological design services; web application services [SaaS].

    September, 2020
  8. Fenux grew into an international player

    RE/MAX Estonia choice Fenux Ltd as its new, strategic technology partner. Fenux will provide RE/MAX Estonia with an unique All in one software solution based on Fenux's eLCE philosophy. The strategic partnership secures and accelerates RE/MAX Estonia to achieve its market position and performance targets. RE/MAX Estonia wants to be the market leader in all key performance indicators - in terms of customer experience, well-being of team members as well as financial performance.

    June, 2020
  9. Fenux designs Digital Sales Promoter (DSP) – software for Meretek

    The need for customer-oriented vehicle parts availability checking service arose, as Meretek Ltd. decided to head on building all-inclusive replacement part business. This strategic choice makes Meretek the one and only vehicle replacement part reseller in Finland that provides OE, substitute, and dismantled vehicle parts to customers. In dismantled parts, Meretek provides massively large selection to its customers – warehouse contains more than 100 000 parts. In addition, to serve its customers in a superior way, Meretek offers more than 5 million parts from its European-wide order-to-delivery warehouse.

    March, 2019

    To succeed, GC Dental decided to rely on Fenux Ltd’s eLCE -training and consulting approach. GC Dental's Regional Sales Manager, Pekka Pahkamäki expressed his gratitude for the successful project: "Once again I got practical tools from Fenux to push our sales next level. The recent case we worked through with Fenux Ltd. surprised me by the numerous value creation opportunities in the industry and how many of them are blind spots and completely ignored by the industry. Each identified blind spot provides us with a potential breakthrough point where we can deliver much more to customers than they expect."

    November, 2018
  11. Digital Business Manager (DBM) supports growth management at Hammas Hohde Ltd

    Hammas Hohde Ltd. invest both in organic and industrial growth. Successful organic growth requires real-time reporting about effectiveness of initiatives both at the individual and clinic level. It is also important for Hammas Hohde Ltd to see through the facts how their service model converts customer experience into results and where development potential lies. For these and many other reasons Hammas Hohde Ltd put in use Fenux's Digital Business Manager solution in June 2018."

    June, 2018
  12. Fenux Ltd delivers state-of-the-art sales and customer service solution to RE/MAX

    Fenux Ltd., designer of value-based sales, sales management, and customer service software, and RE/MAX Finland real estate agency have agreed to jointly develop sales, sales management, and customer service focused software for real estate business. Fenux Ltd. designs the software and grants RE/MAX Finland exclusive right to it in Finnish real estate sector.

    March, 2017